What’s in your Child’s Lunchbox?

By March 7, 2014Edge News
Preparation is the key? What’s in your child’s lunch box? Lets make a healthy change!
Good morning! Back to school for us today hope everyone had a great holiday. Start your children’s term off with a healthy lunchbox. As a busy working mum I have been guilty of giving them pre- packed food for convenience even though i would pick the healthier options but they are all so full of sugar and additives, I would not eat them so why was I giving them to me kids! If you look around at schools, supermarkets and in general children are getting fatter and misbehaving more and I believe it all has to do with all the crap they are consuming. Let’s save our kids and give them the best start at life! 

Tips for a healthy lunch box 
* invest in a good lunch box with multiple compartments allows you to put a variety of food in and Eco friendly as it cuts down on glad wrap etc.
* always include a bottle of cold water, helps keep lunches cool. Avoid juice poppers.
* get prepared, do a big cook up on the weekend, cut into small pieces and freeze, etc healthy muffins, fruit and but slices, little quiches, meatballs.
* include a variety of fresh fruit and veggies
* always add a protein, pack a choice of meat/chicken, egg, tuna or chickpeas
* calcium can be added in the form of cheese or natural yoghurt if your child has dairy, non dairy options are green leafy veggies, salmon
*experiment with different things and don’t get discouraged if u spend a whole day cooking and preparing to see it come home. It may take a little while for your child to start eating like this’s specially if they are so use to eating a lot of processes foods.

Have a great term everyone!
There is an awesome book called the lunchbox revolution that has heaps of great ideas.

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